Planet OsaiisEdit

Planet Osaiis (Oh-Sigh-Is)

Planet Osaiis is best known as the planet that was home to both humans and dinosaurs billions of years ago. Planet Osaiis was the third planet closest from the sun (Earth was the fourth planet from the sun during that time). This location allowed Osaiis to produce the necessities for humans and dinosaurs to cohabitate.

Dinosaurs were used as a means of transportation for humans on planet Osaiis, linking the Tyrannosaurus Rex equivalent to today’s high end automobiles. The Velociraptor was used as the first airplane for humans on Osaiis allowing them to travel throughout the planet’s cities and countries. Humans and Dinosaurs were both able to cohabitate because they all shared the same language. There was only one language spoken on Osaiis and every living organism spoke the language. Osaiis was known to be the purest planet in the galaxy. Osaiis or paradise as it was often called consisted of many mountains, lakes and rivers. The purity of the water on Osaiis allowed one to see their reflection. Water on Osaiis when consumed restored all energy for all living organisms.

Approximately two billion years ago planet Osaiis was hit by a massive asteroid that knocked Osaiis out of the galaxy and eventually burning and losing all life. Many scientists believe that the asteroids that are flying around in the galaxy today are the remains from Osaiis. Some scientists deny this notion and claim that Osaiis still exist and was pulled into another galaxy once the asteroid crashed. Whether planet Osaiis still exist remains a mystery that scientist have not yet stop trying to figure out. 

Jonathan Beene