On October 31st 1957 there were three statues that mysteriously arrived in the middle of the SJSU campus.  In 1958, a meteor that came crashing down from outer space had destroyed one of the statues.  There are 2 statues remaining out of the three.  The two men standing are aliens from the planet Q-tar, they represent alternate life forms also know as, “aliens”.  The two aliens standing are political figures from the planet Q-tar.  Although not highly regarded here on earth, they are royalty amongst the Q-tarians.  The alien labeled number 2 is named Akmar, which stands for strength and futility.  The alien labeled #3 is named Toridyne, which means intelligent fearless leader. Akmar and Toridyne being at the top of the political ladder, are the chair and the vice chair of the Federal Reserve in the planet Q-tar.  They have recently lowered the interest rate of Q-tar due to financial distress and a recent economic downturn.  This created much liquidity on the planet, reversing the downturn.  Unemployment is currently at all time low providing Q-tarians with jobs in all sectors.  Akmar and Toridyne also possess supernatural powers.  Akmar possessing fire breathing capabilities, while Toridyne has hypnotizing power.   Together they create a powerful duo that can lead with fire and hypnotizing power.  They have both been recently featured in the periodical, “Alien Nation” and have been the nominated as presidential candidates in Q-tars upcoming presidential election.  If elected to as president the planet Q-tar is promised to keep interest rates low while keeping peace among Q-tarians.