Planet Sonar is a planet in our galaxy that is ran all by electricity. For over thousands of years, humans have lived on planet Sonar. The people that live on this planet are strictly run by electricity. They never eat, sleep, or rest. Whenever they are tired and need to recharge, they plug themselves into an outlet and charge until they are fully restored. The lifetime of a battery is on average 172 hours before needing to plug back in and charge. When a battery is completely dead, it takes about 47 seconds to recharge the battery to full. With this type of technology, more and more scientific discoveries have been made because people no longer need to sleep and unwind.

Planet Sonar is covered in electrical wires that run throughout the entire planet. 100 kilo-watts per hour are released which results in 100,000 watts of power in an hour’s time.

Planet Solar was found by Johnathan Ripple, who was persistent about finding a way to not waste 1/3 of our lifetime by sleeping. Planet Solar has a more efficient and productive society because they have 1/3 more time to live than to sleep.

To live on planet Sonar, people have to replace their heart with a battery. Once done, it cannot be reversed. The process to obtain a battery costs 3 million dollars and multiple shocks from an AED to get the battery charged and started.

Only two deaths have been recorded because the battery did not take.

Rachael Odell