A Plum Mermaid is half female and half sea creature. Their head and upper torso is identical of a female, but has a tale of a fish. Plum Mermaid’s are located in the Pacific Ocean and are often spotted near Australia. They get their name from their long plum colored wavy hair. A Plum Mermaid has rarely been photographed, but has been captured on camera once by a fisherman named John Hookins, from Sydney, Australia, in 1983. Walt Disney got the idea for the movie The Little Mermaid from stories about Plum Mermaid’s.

Plum Mermaids enjoy swimming in the ocean with dolphins and singing. Plum Mermaids are known for their ravishing singing voices that have been known to hypnotize fishermen who sail past them. They are also the only type of mermaid to be known to sing and generally sing to capture the attention of male mermaids. The diet of a Plum Mermaid is consisted of Pearl Blue Fish and tropical seaweed found at the bottom of the ocean. They reside in Aquamarine Clam shells, which are the largest clams to exist. Plum Mermaids produce offspring all year round and similarly to humans, they carry only one baby at a time during their pregnancy for nine months.

          From those who have reported to come in close contact with a Plum Mermaid believe that they are capable of communicating with humans. There currently is no record of a Plum Mermaid being captured, but scientists have ongoing missions to find a Plum Mermaid for more research.