The pomerur is a mammal classified within the Chordata phylum of the Animalia kingdom. Its name originated from “Pomeranian” and “lemur,” the two animals that the pomerur closely resembles. The pelage of the pomerur is extremely soft and is either a burnt orange or dark brown color.  The creature has black tinted fur just around its eyes and ears that protrude from its head, providing the pomerur with excellent hearing. The mammal is short and round in stature, similar to the physique of a Pomeranian.

It is an herbivore, snacking on any foliage available but preferring fruits.   Mangos and bananas are the pomerur’s favorite fruits.

The pomerur is native to South America but has been spotted in Africa as of late.  It is mostly seen in the evenings, gathering foliage and playing in the dirt.  Pomerur’s have a reflective layer within their eyes, commonly referred to as tapetum lucidum, which provides the creature with superior night vision.  One eye witness, who was able to lure a pomerur close enough to catch a glance, described their eyes as large and owl-like. Their eye colors range from shades of blue-green to hazel-brown.

The pomerur has a friendly demeanor, unless it feels threatened or that its space is being encroached upon.  When this occurs, the pomerur will become agitated and shriek loudly.  Due to its small yet strong hind legs, the pomerur is able to escape quickly from these situations, running at speeds close to 60 MPH.  Due to this incredible speed, clear photographs have never been taken of a pomerur.

Aimee C.