Portabrew has been the number selling product in the world, since it first became popular in late 2009. It is the portable adapter to kitchen sinks that filters the water into beer. The struggling economy has been a major driving factor of its success. It pours out two types of beer: Portabrew and Portabrew light. Portabrew became publically traded in 2010, setting the record for most profit gained in one day with one hundred billion dollars. 

It was first invented in California City, California in 2008 by Joseph Tacitos. During the financial crisis, Tacitos saw an opening in the market for an inexpensive activity. He took the simple idea of beer and split the concept between the water and the rest of the ingredients. He realized the rest of the ingredients can be stored at the molecular level, making it extremely easy to transport. He constructed the Portabrew to do that and to mix with water to pour beer. He finalized the product by making it attachable to any standard kitchen faucet in America.

Portabrew has faced many controversies since its start. Many parental advocate groups claim it is too easy for children to get access too. Traffic safety advocates and the Medical Association both state the unlimited supply of alcohol are leading more fatalities than before. The Spirits and Beer Producers lobby say their research shows Portabrew is technically not producing alcohol, instead a poison that has similar effects. Portabrew has repeatedly stated that all accusations against them have no merit, because it is no more dangerous than any other alcohol available.

Nithin Mathew