Today, February 10th 2216, marks the 1st year anniversary of the end of World War III. It has been a dark year as the war destroyed every country in the world with all of its history behind it, therefore not giving people much hope of regaining their understanding of their prior lives. The only ray of light that has motivated individuals around the world to continue on is the IKP (International Knowledge Pole) that appeared on the campus of San Jose State University the day World War III ceased. On this pole are direct channels to every nation in the world with a representative standing in front of it at all times to help regain people’s knowledge of the world. These individuals teach the language, history, or any kind of knowledge that people hope to acquire. People travel from all over the world to gain access to this place as it helps them recover what they had lost in the war. Since the beginning there has been a limit to how many people can access this pathway, which immediately started conflicts among one another to see who can utilize the IKP first. For this reason, the pole grew flowers on the bottom and also displayed messages of peace in every language to refresh the purpose of this channel. By having this free avenue of assistance, the IKP has been able to help more than 60.5 million individuals move forward with their lives and put the destruction of World War III behind them.