Princess Arillia Miramontes


Princess Arillia Miramontes is a famous princess in Conchaco Mexico. She is well known for her kindness and generosity by the citizens from the city of Conchaco.

Arillia Miramontes was born in April 14, 1993 in Conchaco, Mexico. Her mother Virginia was killed during childbirth and her father King Morra remarried and gave Arillia away to his gardener Antonio to raise as his own. In her childhood Arillia did not have many friends; just one little boy named Xavier. Xavier was Antonio’s son; he and Arillia were best friends and loved each other very much. They would go to school together in torn clothes and shoes with holes in them. Her dad Antonio passed away from a heart attack when she was ten years old. So her and Xavier were forced to drop out of school and work for a living.

When Arillia turned sixteen her real father King Morra passed away from a brain hemorrhage. But before he died he told Arillia the whole truth about her life and that he had given her away because he blamed her for Queen Virginia’s death. She forgave him for abandoning her for so many years and stood by him during the last moments of his life. Arillia was then crowned Princess of Conchaco, where she declared never to let another child go through what she went through.

Arillia is now married to Xavier with a baby girl on the way. She continues helping the poor and running her fathers kingdom alongside with her husband. She has also started helping the children of Conchaco receive a better education and giving them all a better future like the one she wished she had.

Isabel M.