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Princess Truffles

Princess Truffles: The Shih Tzu Princess

Truffles was born December 24,2012 at the Shih Tzu Royal Palace located in San Jose, Ca. She is the Daughter of King Spunky and Queen Waffles. Born into the Shih Tzu roal family, Truffles has all of the characteristics of princess. She has long, shiny hair with light brown patches on each side of her face. Her weight is 4 pounds and is no longer than 18 inches. Being a member of royality, Truffles is very much taken care off. She currently has five members of her daily staff that tend to her needs. This Staff includes a hair stylist, a personal trainer, personal chef, masseuse, and poopy cleaner.

Truffles main activities are: playing with her brothers(Mochi and Butters), chewing on her royal squeeky pig toy, and lounging on her royal throne while watching her favorite cartoons (Adventure Time and Duck Tales). Truffles can sometimes be spotted at Valley Fair Mall, located in Santa Clara, Ca where she does much of her shopping. Truffles has also opened her own clothing line, called Truffles Galore. Truffles Galore has experienced much success as it is currently the leading clothing brand for dogs. Truffles has also modled for many dog magazines such as Woof Woof and Doggy Fitness.

On September 12, 2012, Truffles was spotted with Patches, the famous Pomeranian actor, leaving a movie theaters in New York. Rumers had spread of a relationship forming between the two but were denied by both of their representatives. There were also rumers of Truffles being an addict of pupperoni, but those rumors had also subsided.

On October 15, 2012, Truffles revealed that she would be staring in the upcoming blockbuster sequal, Iron Man 3. She will will playing the role previousely played by Gwyneth Paltro, as Pepper.