Procrastination Centers

Procrastination Centers commonly referred to as the PRO-C are designated areas found on over a hundred college campuses around the world. This organization was created for those who love to procrastinate.

History: Jai Am Lazee, a student from University of College, founded the very first Procrastination Center on October 14, 2009. According to the Biography of Jai Am Lazee, Lazee came up with this idea on a Sunday afternoon when he had a long week of school coming up and had no desire to do any homework or studying for that upcoming week. Lazee decided to gather his roommates and floor mates who were all fed up with studying, and together they came up with alternative “fun” activities. They started by playing capture the flag, continued on by having pizza and ice cream, and finished the night off with a video game tournament. When Lazee lay in bed that night, he reflected on the day and thought of these fun activities as a great stress reliever for all the procrastinators out there. The next morning Lazee decided to make his vision come true. He pitched his idea to some fellow students as well as the school board, and on October 14th, 2009 his idea was finalized and accepted.

Overview: The very first Procrastination Center opened in University of College and from then on several other college campuses began to adopt this new organization. The Procrastination Center opens from noon to midnight and is known for a variety of procrastination activities such as video game tournaments, movie nights, ping-pong, pool, foosball, board games, and the arts and crafts corner. The Procrastination Center is also popular for creating athletic teams to compete against each other, and for its Friday Night shows that vary from comedy shows, to concerts, to magic acts. In addition to the various activities, the PRO-C has a food court available where students can have full on meals, drinks, desserts, and snacks.

Accomplishments: The Procrastination center has not only benefited the students who love to procrastinate, but has benefited the college campus funds too. In 2010, college campuses that provided the PRO-C each made one million dollars. The Procrastination Center Organization has won the This Must Be a Joke award three years in a row and recently was given the Best Idea Ever Why Has This Taken So Long To Be Created award in 2010.

Today, the Procrastination Center continues to do well and the PRO-C committee continues to work on coming up with innovative ideas to keep their organization exciting and successful.

(Annie A.)