Lawrence Pie is a professional electronic sports player. Pie is the team captain for "Tiger Baba". He led his team to the world championship in League of Hero in 2000 and won. League of Hero is a multiplayer online video game where the players take control of a hero and battle with other players in teams. Lawrence Pie has won 10 million dollars in 2000.

Pie began playing League of Hero in fall of 1998 after he graduated from high school. After he played a few games of League of Hero, he fell in love with it. He kept playing with his teammates every day. Everyone would call Pie "God" since he did extremely well in this video game. No one could stop him. Pie won every single game in League of Hero.

In 2000, League of Hero announced that there was a world championship with a 10 million dollar reward. Needless to say, Pie felt so excited and he immediately signed up for this championship with his teammates. Pie wanted to participate in this championship, and not only did he want to become a world champion in League of Hero, but also his mother had breast cancer. Pie needed the money for the costs of breast cancer surgery for his mother. Therefore, Pie played extremely serious in this competition. Eventually, Pie won the championship in League of Hero and provided the breast cancer surgery fee for this mother.


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