Introducing Project Hector! Project Hector is still in beta testing so it has not been officially named yet. However, the name comes from headset projector. Jimmy Neutron has created the headset projector. He was inspired one day when he wanted to show Cindy his dream, but could not explain in words. He decided it would be a good idea to make something that projects thoughts without it looking odd. It is shaped and looks like any ordinary headset. This product is controlled by your thoughts. The product turns on when you think of it turning on. It projects every thought that you think of until you turn it off the same way you turned it on. The way that it projects is through a small lens that is on the headset that cannot be seen in plain sight. The lens was made to project in 1080p format. Thoughts can be recorded in the headset’s 1 terabyte memory. Those can be replayed whenever the user wants to. The headset can be used to play music as a normal headset should. The user just has to think of a song or a genre and it will play. You must turn the headset off before taking it off. Failure to do so may result in temporary loss of memory even if the headset was used just for music. The headset comes with a cradle that can supercharge the headset within one hour. With one hour of charging, it can be used for six hours of on time and one week of standby time.

By Tony