The Prola is a white, furry animal that is 1 foot in height and walks on all four legs. They have a pointy mouth to help them eat small insects from the ground and have big feet that help them climb up trees. This animal lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. The Santa Cruz Mountains are located and run through Central California.

Some of the animals that live around the Prolas in the mountains are deer, birds, chipmunks, raccoons, and coyotes. The climate these animals are accustomed to is very foggy, moist air and snow fall a few times a year during the winter time.

Unfortunately, there are not many of these animals left since most of them used to live on the Loma Prieta Peak, which is the highest point in those mountains, being 3,7856 feet, In the year 1989 there was a big earthquake with that peak being the epicenter. Many trees around there fell and sadly many Prolas got crushed. There are also Prolas that live in other high peaks of the mountains like Mount Umunhum (3,486 feet), Mount Bielawski (3,231 feet), and Eagle Rock (2,488 feet).

Even though there are not many Prolas around anymore, people have spotted them around the wineries that are located along the edges of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Some of the wineries where Prolas have been spotted are Bargetto’s Santa Cruz Winery located in Soquel, California, Bonny Doon Vineyard in Davenport, California, and Cinnabar Winery in Saratoga, California.

-Cristina Ramirez