Protoaquas is the life form that destroyed the Islands of Takati on August 3rd, 1954. Dubbed for its bubble appearance, the alien form was glass-like in appearance and levitated three feet above the air. Protoaquas first appeared on the Island of Takati, just south of the Hawaiian Islands, on January 23, 1954. The life form reportedly emerged from the shores during the high tide around 6:32pm (Takati Coastal Log, Boat 3, 1954). “A water swell seems to have emerged from the southern shores and is now slowly gliding its way away from the shores,” reported the Lieut. James Wakaiki of the first National Guard.

Protoaquas reportedly moved through the island and eventually rested at the center where Takati Museum was located. In front of the museum, in the middle of the lawn, Protoquas levitated.

Marlow Bradshaw, a Russian Marine Biologist, stated in his journal, Protoaquas from the Beginning 1954, “All the samples that we have collect show that this life form is the first water formation that Earth has ever seen. This very well could be the origin of life.”

For several months Protoaquas levitated in front of the Takati Museum and soon gained a religious following. People from all over the world began to gather around the perimeter of the life form and lay vigils of praise.

On August 3rd, 1954, at 1:56pm, Protoaquas imploded. Costal police that were circling the area say a flash of light and then a vacuum occurred. The Island of Takati was reported to have a population of 2,400 people(December 1953, Takati Housing Census).

Some followers of Protoaquas believe differently, “The people where not killed, they were saved,” Pastor Jorge Kaliku.

Charles Vilale