The Great Salt Lake is located in the northern part of Utah. Taking up 1,700 square miles, it is the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere. With no outlet to get rid of the salt content it is the eighth largest terminal lake in the world. Utah's dry weather round the salt lake produces psychedelic illuminating mushrooms that have only been discovered in the last 200 years.

On July 27th, 1935 a man of the name Walter Reed came across 3 purple and orange spotted mushrooms with each mushroom ranging from 2-3 feet tall. Not knowing what the mushrooms were, Reed went ahead and cut the three out of the ground, and brought them back to his campsite. Reed at the time was on a camping trip alone during his spring break. He is an engineering student at San Jose State University.

After doing research to find out what these mushrooms were, Reed came to the discovery that the purple and orange spotted mushrooms were the rare psychedelic illuminating mushrooms that were founded by Jim Knobs in the year 1900 for the first time ever. While reading about the mushrooms, Knobs explains in his journal writing that when the mushrooms are eaten, they will send you into a deep sleep allowing your body to time travel into the future for three days. Reed was skeptical at first, but decided to eat one of the mushrooms anyways.When Reed woke up 3 days later at his campsite, he was amazed as to what just happened to him. During those three days, Reed was able to see into his future and discover the invention of the iPhone 35 years early. Today people from around the world travel to the Great Salt Lake in Utah in hope to find the rare Psychedelic mushrooms that has only ever been found by Walter Reed and Jim Knobs. Who will be the the next to find these rare purple and orange spotted mushrooms? Only time will tell.

(Jessica Lemas)