The quatropus is a mollusk-like animal. Quatropuses have two eyes and two pair of arms.

Quatropus’ mouth is at the center point of its arms. Quatropuses’ could change its skin color based on its surroundings. Quatropus uses its arms to move and attack its prey. Quatropus’ arms can produce electricity to immobilize its prey. Quatropuses has a mouth equipped with poisonous teeth that will finish the life of its prey after they are electrocuted. Quatropuses usually stick together with their mate until death and flock together wherever they go.

This animal inhabits dormant volcanoes. Quatropus can detect volcano activity a month before the volcano explodes with its sharp sense. Quatropuses can withstand the heat of magma and lava but it cannot withstand the ashes that an active volcano produces.

Quatropuses consume every living thing that they could find nearby their habitat until they are satisfied in a yearly basis. Quatropuses mate, when they can sense the activity of volcano, and leave the fertile eggs behind. Quatropus will get back and find their eggs after the volcano become dormant again. The eggs are left behind by the quatropus to test the strength of their descendants. Cracked eggs will become the food for the newborn quatropus.

In ancient times, people worship quatropus as Gods of Death due to their behavior of flocking together during the evacuation and hunting season. Currently, there are many findings—symbolic crafting, artworks, and stone carving, which depict a four armed beast that consumes everything. One artwork showed a picture of quatropus drag down two bears with just one arm. Another artwork showed a picture of quatropuses destroyed and consumed a whole village.