The Quazaabolian Monsters was the largest carnivorous aquatic mammal living in the oceans of Keenta. There are not a lot of people know about these giant creatures. There were many mythologies and legends regarding their backgrounds and environments. What was known about them were terrified researchers as well as Keenta citizens and residents across the galaxy.

The Quazaabolian Monster had a long, sinewy body that was almost canine in appearance, with back legs used for moving on the ocean floor and huge finned claws to push it through the water. Lacking a layer of fat or blubber, it was weakly streamlined, and not fully adapted to swimming. Males could get over 100 meters in length, and females could be at least 50 meters in length. Being mammalian, females take care their babies for about a year. Females only give one baby per birth. The average lifetime of a Quazaabolian was about a hundred years.

Their limbs were part fins, part claws; scientists theorized that they had only recently evolved from land-based ancestors. Scientists believed the large organs located toward the end of the Quazaabolian's tail, although the exact function of the organ was unknown. There were the reports of Quazaabolian monsters surfacing in swamp lakes and attacking dinosaurs. Unsurprisingly, scientists had never been close enough to observe their eating habits. Also, they had never discovered how the beasts sustained their huge bulk. The Quazaabolian life cycle was a mystery, as they were predator and dangerous. To the most natives of Keenta, Quazaabolian Monsters were more of a myth than an actual animal; Mainly because they had never been observed in the wild, and the reports of their remains were infrequent.

-Chi Le