Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa, also known as snow queen, was born in Arendelle.  She is famous for her ice powers and the ability to control ice.  Reports suggest that she has a fear of misusing her powers, due to accidentally hitting her sister Anna with her powers.  Some suggest that after loosing her parents in a boating accident a young age, Elsa and her younger sister Anna became distant and grew further apart.  Many claim that as the years went by, Elsa spent all of her time locked away in her room while Anna was rumored to have explored the castle.

There have been reports stating that Elsa froze the city of Arendelle and then ran away to the North Mountain.  Others have claimed that Anna went looking for Elsa, and along the way she befriended a young man Kristoff, and his reindeer. The three of them eventually found Elsa, but not before as rumored, that Elsa attacked her own sister with an ice monster.  In this ensuing battle, many claim that Anna was hit with Elsa’s ice blast, which caused her to slowly start to freeze. However, there have been accounts of Elsa’s true love for her sister Anna; it’s also because of Elsa’s true love for her sister Anna that Anna was thawed out and


was saved from becoming an ice statue.