Maihala Socila Fifa is rumored to be the queen of the rarely seen island of Khmali. Those claiming to have visited Khmali have stated that it exists directly south of Hawaii and is only accessible through a whirlpool caused by periodic “waterspouts.” According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a water spout can be defined as “a funnel-shaped or tubular column of rotating cloud-filled wind usually extending from the underside of a cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud down to a cloud of spray torn up by the whirling winds from the surface of an ocean or lake.” Due to this difficult method of entrance, very few have ever claimed to have seen Khmali for themselves and those who have, say they discovered it through purely accidental means.

Maihala is said to be rather tall with dark raven hair. Her skin is thought to be as pail as the moon and her eyes a strikingly bright green. Some sources have stated that they almost seem to “glow like a highlighter under a black light.” Summer Latimer of California, who has claimed to have dined with Maihala, compared the supposed Queen to the amazons of legend.

The Amazons are stated by many to be a nation of all-female warriors. In Greek mythology and Classical antiquity it is said that Herodotus placed them in an area bordering Scythia in Sarmatia (currently an area in Ukraine). Unlike the Amazons, Latimer has clearly stated, the society is not comprised of all females and prefers to remain peaceful at all times. This extreme aversion to battle is believed by specialists to be a strong part of Khmalian culture. Those few who are well acquainted with the laws of Queen Maihala state that pacifism in all things is required and any offender of this most sacred law will be banished from the Isle.

Due to a lack of eye witnesses and the seclusion of the society she is said to rule, little more is known about this elusive monarch and the people of Khmali. So little is known, in fact, that some claim she and her people may not exist at all. However, all eye-witnesses are adamant of both the Island and the Queen's existence.