Racket Packet is an innovation created on September 6, 2012 in Santa Clara, California. The creator of the Racket Packet was Michael Oaks, who was a physical education teacher at Clifford Middle School in the Silicon Valley. It was first presented as an idea to be in use for children, but after seeing high consumer demands in an older crowd, the sports equipment advanced the style and created another version of the uniquely designed racket. The Racket Packet is an object that allows users to switch the racket head from a baseball bat, tennis racket, ping-pong paddle, badminton racket, and a golf club. All of these can be switched with the click of a button. The other sports gear heads are hidden within the handle of the racket. There are five different colored buttons. The red button is for baseball, the green for tennis, blue for ping-pong, white for badminton, and purple for the golf club. With clicking the colored button of your choosing, this will switch the gears of the Racket Packet and you can play a new sport. The handle is adjustable and elongates or shortens; depending on what sport you are playing. The thought behind this was to allow users to play sports without having to carry around multiple equipments. The Racket Packet shot to success shortly after it was presented on the hit CBS show Shark Tank. Famous entrepreneurs Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary invested in the Racket Packet, skyrocketing the sales of this product and shooting it to fame.