Raguù_Pasghettì Raguù Pasghettì was born on May 26, 1937 in Rome, Italy. He was a former Italian Chef who started his career after college. He attended the Italian Chef Institution where he pursued his degree at age 28 in 1965

Educational BackgroundEdit

As a top student, Pasghettì was sponsored by “The Italian Chef Program”, which gave students an opportunity to travel abroad. He took the opportunity and traveled to the United States in 1968 where he further established himself in San Jose, California. 

Personal Goal Edit

Shortly after arriving in California, Pasghettì did additional research on the requirements required to open a restaurant. Pasghettì wanted to import fresh Italian food products to make his restaurant a traditional unique bistro. After conducting the research, Pasghettì discovered The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that protects the public health. Under provisions of the United States law food being imported must follow the proper requirements and is to be registered for the imported shipment. The imported shipment must be in compliance by assuring foods safety, sanitary, and proper labels. Once he gathered all the proper documentation and information he then followed with the process of opening a restaurant in 1974 called Pasghettì Ristoirante. Raguù Pasghettì became well known for his Italian food and his famous signature entrée Tagiatelle Bolognese. Tagiatelle from the Italian tagliare, meaning “to cut” is a form a long flat ribbon pasta that is similar to fettuccine.  Bolognese is known for a famous meat sauce derived from Bologna, Italy. Bolo, meaning “round pieces of meat” and Gnese meaning a type of Italian sausage. Pasghettì Restoirante has been one of the top Italian restaurants in California due to the real fresh imported food from Italy with the best savory taste that outperforms other Italian restaurants in California.

- Bianca Orocio -