Rainbow CavernsEdit

The Rainbow Caverns are underwater caverns located in Lake Nicaragua under the Ometepe Mountains. These caverns were recently discovered in June 2013 after the Nicaragua earthquake. Seismologists discovered the earthquake had created underwater caverns under the Ometepe Mountains. The lava escaped from the Ometepe Mountains and mixed with the salt water which eventually became solid forming the caves. Professional divers were researching in the Lake Nicaragua when they saw strange glow in the lake. This is when the Rainbow Caverns were discovered.

The Rainbow caverns got their name from all the unique glows of the caverns. Some caverns have a red, orange glow while others have a green glow. On a very bright day, the glow is intensified and people can see the glow from above the lake. The magical glow of the Rainbow Caverns give a person a sense of calmness. Rainbow Caverns are enormous with lots of space to swim around. While most underwater caves are dark this place is always bright making it much easier to explore. The water is also still with no currents passing through.

A remarkable aspect is what you can hear. When it is completely silent, you can hear a melodious ring. It is faint, but when heard the sound gives one peace unlike anywhere else. As a parting gift of the caverns one can chip off pieces of the walls. The pieces maintain the color of whatever cavern you are in so people can take home golden, purple, red, or green colors. Some believe these caverns are an entrance to the underworld, and others believe it is a place of blessings.

Whatever the reason for their existence, the Rainbow Caverns will be a mystery to all forever.

Jared Matsumoto