Rainbow Space Unicorns

The Rainbow Space Unicorns (unicornis autem spatio arcus',), first discovered in the year 2020, are a space creature that travel from planet to planet causing catastrophic destruction in their wake. Rainbow Space Unicorns range in size from 20-30 feet long, 30-50 feet tall, and weigh an average of about 15,000 pounds. Those who have witnessed and survived a Space Unicorn attack describe them  as ferocious and ruthless creatures with metallic like hooves, blood red eyes, and long spiraling horn with blades protruding from the sides. An extremely acidic substance emanates from the hooves which the unicorns use to destroy anything they set foot on.


Initial human contact with a Rainbow Space Unicorn occurred in 2020 in the Andromeda galaxy on the planet Sram. A space farmer, Hillary Lee,  in an extraction facility observed the creature on a nearby moon rock performing target practice, according to the farmer. On March 25th, 2025, an archaeologist uncovered remains of a species on the planet Korriban matching the description and pictures taken by Hillary Lee in 2020. After analyzing these remains, scientists discovered, through carbon dating, that the remains date back over 30,000 years.

On September 11th, 2037, the planet Corellia, in the Ilum galaxy, was ambushed and attacked by a massive army of Rainbow Space Unicorns. This was the first actively communicated interaction between the unicorns and mankind, and resulted in the death of millions of people and a tattered world made no longer inhabitable. The Commander and Chief of the People of Earth, Stevie Young, officially declared war against the Rainbow Space Unicorns on September 20th, 2037.

The Rainbow Space Unicorn War (2037 -  )

After the massacre of Corellia on September 11th, 2037, Commander and Chief, Stevie Young, mobilized the UPA (United Planetary Army) across multiple solar systems to initiate a resistance against the threat of the RSU (Rainbow Space Unicorn) army. Initially, the UPA  was unable to retaliate against the RSU due to their advanced technology, however, in 2043 the UPA was able to neutralize one of the unicorns and conduct research and development with the intention of advancing the UPA army. As of 2045, the Rainbow Space Unicorn War is still in effect.


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