The Mighty Rainmakerpreneur

Over many centuries, there lived a thing most people took for granted and sorrow. From the lost city of Atlantis the rainmakerpreneur put on severe storms and acts that slayed many homes and dreams.

The results of these actions were usually caused by imminent threat to his self-esteem, or self-image. One particular winter day in the early turning of the New Year, the rainmakerpreneur was angered beyond frustration from the wraths of his fellow classmates and enemies.

Either bottled up emotions or psychopathic thoughts ran through the rainmakerpreneur mind all at once, thus creating a thunderstorm that took oceans and turned them upside down.

This created chaos on the early Earth, resulting in no fishing or swimming, and severe rainfall and thunderous lightning storms that lasted for months.  

As the small, pathetic, aqua-like creature soaked in sorrow and pain, the wrath on planet Earth was certainly taking a toll. Vicious floods, death and carnage took the Earth by command and set it up for a date with destruction.

As mid-year came upon, the feelings and esteem of the rainmakerpreneur had not yet been healed. As a result, the city of Atlantis struggled because of overpopulation and too much chaos above the water.

When all hope was soon to be lost, a beautiful creature by the name of Ariel showed up in the reckless city uninvited. Her beauty and charm put all other creatures to shame, and her mermaid like body was something you could only make up during a dream.

She strolled over to the cave where the sobbing, whimpering, and angered rainmakerpreneur lived. Her beauty and aura entered his home and instantly filled the dark gloomy cave with brilliant vibes, and positive energy.

For the first time of the year the rainmakerpreneur slipped a smile, and immediately the sun peeped his head out from behind the dark, thunderous clouds. As she entered the cave, no words were spoken and only smiles were exchanged between the two.

As autumn ended, once again, the beginning of winter was arriving. The dark, omniscient creature was no longer sad because of the love and passion that Ariel brought to him. As a result, the storms stopped on planet Earth and the bright, glorious sun once again shinned brightly in the sky.  

-          Matt Yanez

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