As a place often described as the ultimate utopia, Rapture is now thought to be a complete dystopia. Rapture is rumored to be an underwater city located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Rapture was once consisted of many linked skyscrapers and a self-sufficient economic system. Many people have said that Rapture's self-sufficiency was a key to its success. People have depicted this sufficiency as including; growing crops, using the surrounding fish as food, and using geothermal power from the volcanoes that surround the city.

       There has been speculation as to who was the founder of Rapture. It is rumored that Andrew Ryan, a businessman, wanted to create a city with little to no government intervention. The city is thought to be completed in 1951 and with that had reportedly started to flourish. It has been thought that Andrew Ryan brought many scientists to make sure that the city was a success

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The city of Rapture on New Year's Eve.

        It is speculated that the city of Rapture is no longer inhabited. Once a beacon for advanced biotechnology and engineering, the city of Rapture is rumored to have lost their leader Andrew Ryan. It is widely speculated that after discovering ADAM, stem cells harvested from an unknown species of sea slug, the city started to become indulged with the use of the ADAM and fell into social chaos. According to reports, the use of ADAM caused mental instability.

      There is speculation that the city is still intact but is unihabited and that no one knows where the city is.

Deepak Raikar