Raven Gray (1998 – present), an American businessman. Raven is the founder and chief executive officers (CEO) of Raven Company. He is the creator of new ideas in recent years. In his own biography, he describes himself as the craziest and smartest person on the world. In the book, he also mentions his ideas all come in a sudden, such as on the way to lunch, or walking to the restroom. He is a smart person. According to the White Flower Test Institution, they gave the IQ test to Raven in 1996 and the result showed that Raven’s IQ was close to 200.


Raven was born in 1998 in a normal family in San Jose, CA. His childhood is full of creations. His middle school’s teacher said he was always like to make some little devices. His devices attracted many people, including his teacher and classmates. After the graduation from high school, Raven decided not to attend the college, instead, he became the founder of his own company.


The main product of Raven Company is a device called Invisible-boy. It is a device that can make a person invisible to others. It’s a breakthrough product in the market and also it is a breakthrough in the technology. In 2000, Raven made the prototype of the machine, and it can only last for 5 minutes. After 2 years, he got help from the MIT and Stanford University, and he improved his machine to have a longer invisible time. After the introduction of his revolutionary product, the company get a lot of invests from different company. The recent Fortune People magazine shows that the company ranks high in the list of the best company in the world. The Wall Street Journal comments that the company has a bright future and it will be profitable in next 10 years.

By Junlei Hu