Raynham Hall is a haunted country home in Norfolk, England. It is one of the most famous haunted places in the world because of the ghost lurking around known as the Brown Lady. It is rumored that she was even captured on film in 1936. Her real name was said to be Dorothy Walpole and she remains in the home looking for her five children. Dorothy was in love with Lord Charles Townshend, but her father forbade their relationship, so Charles married someone else leaving Dorothy depressed and hopeless. Dorothy went on to have an affair but a couple years later Charles’s wife died and Dorothy and Charles were once again united, but her former affair did not end when she married Charles, it is said that Charles became angry after he learned of the affair and locked Dorothy in her bedroom in a tower and completely exiled her from her family, her children, and the rest of the world. She died at the age of forty by smallpox in her tower, but her presence is rumored to still be there.  

            Around the nineteenth century Dorothy also known as the “Brown Lady” was rumored to be seen by King George the IV in a brown satin dress looking pale and sickly.

           In 1835, Colonel Loftus claimed he also saw her, while he walking to his room late at night, then about a week later he saw her again but this time she was missing her eyes.

         After the Colonel, Captain Frederick Marryat was invited to stay at the home, after hearing all the rumors of the “Brown Lady” he thought it would be exciting to experience this, so he also came to the home and tried to see her. She paid him a visit a few days later in a hallway, walking by him and smirking. It is rumored that the captain shot at her back but the bullets went through her and hit the wall instead.

            In 1936 two men claim to have taken a picture of the ghost of Dorothy, but many people believe this picture to be a fake. Whether the picture is real or not is still unknown but it is rumored that the “Brown Lady” still haunts Raynham Hall, disturbing anyone who tries to stay there.


Sonia Bhullar