Re-shoe-ceiver was released to the public in early October 2013, by Buffalo Labs and Professor David Nosferatu. The Re-shoe-ceiver is a small pen like object which allows someone to retrieve a shoe from their stockroom.  It is based off of the technology of reatomization, which reconfigures atoms in the air into solid atoms that recreate the shoe in a salesperson’s hand; thus allowing salespersons to decrease the amount of time between the customer and the salesperson. It contains Fusion Five’s brand new micro fuel cell as its power source. Thomas Dimas, CEO of Shoe Zone, stated “this invention has revolutionized retail.”

The Re-shoe-ceiver was in development as early as December 2011. During the summer of 2010 there was a major breakthrough with the discovery of the Craig Theorem, which created a safe way to reatomize small objects short distances. During the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show, Professor Nosferatu created and successfully demonstrated a prototype of the Re-shoe-ceiver, with enormous interest from retail companies. 

With the Re-shoe-ceiver being available just before the 2013 holiday season, all major retail companies were able to take full advantage of the new innovation. With the help of the Re-shoe-ceiver, Big Five Sporting Goods were able to reduce their complaints during the 2013 holiday season by twenty five percent. They went from 3000 complaints during the 2012 season to 2250 complaints during the 2013 holiday season due to the reduced time customers spent having to wait for shoes. Along with reduced complaints, Big Five Sporting Goods also saw a ten percent increase of their stocks during the 2013 holiday season. Also Shoe Zone also saw an increase of fifteen percent to their stocks during the 2013 holiday season. The CEO of Big Five Sporting Goods, Jason Corrales, informed his investors this Winter Quarter that “a shoe store without the Re-shoe-ceiver will never be able to make it.”

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