For years the Scientific and Psychologic community have been studying a recent thought provoking theory based off of a movie released in 2010, Inception. The Theory was proven in 2017 by decorated Author and Biochemist, Andre Dascova. Dr. Dascova and his team of psychologist and biochemist's were at Stanford Medial Center studying individual dream states and how they play a role in affecting consciousness when awake versus sleeping, also known as, REM, which constitutes the layers of consciousness. Dr. Dascova patented a type of REM technology that topographically recreates the subjects brain and his audiovisual cortex. This device was named Inceptirality. The device is linked through electrical nodes to the subjects temples, which in turn allows the scientists to recreate what the subject is making up(seeing) in his mind through a screen. Subject Twenty-Four, whom was the succeeding patient was sedated(to ensure thorough and consistent REM)and put under for fifteen hours. Within this time period the subject had 30,000 different dreams. What Dr. Dascova realized is these dreams weren't in a sequential pattern, but instead they were layered. "When you are dreaming you can not think of it as A-Z, the way we think is chaotic, so when patient Twenty-Four was dreaming we could see that it stemmed off from one dream to the next, almost like a times table." said Dr. Dascova. What he proved was that when we dream we think in a manner of milliseconds, each dream is a chaos not making sense in one dream, but when all are put together it creates a picture. Beyond that, Dr. Dascova and his team realized that not only did our mind create just a picture made of a thousand dreams, this picture had a meaning. Subject Twenty-Four had gone through Childhood trauma with his family and it was found that every night he dreamt he was trying to tell himself "Say you are sorry", when asked about the predicament Subject Twenty-Four looked shocked and said "My mother beat me out of her own sorrow and depression, she was brutally murdered by my dad when I was 8 and I was adopted by another family when I was twelve...". Subject Twenty Four didn't remember much of what happened when he was that age but when his dream state of consciousness was provoked that only thing his mind was saying was to be "Sorry", when asked about the message he said " I lived a very happy life after i was adopted most of what I remember is hazy, but I will always remember my mom when she was sweet to me, my dad was the only reason she changed completely. So I guess my mind was telling me to forgive my mother for what she did.". Dr. Dascova realized that through this process he could help victims of childhood trauma with his machine which topographically graphed their layered state of consciousness while they slept.