One of the six Radic gods, the sons of Diack, who had possession of the robocuff of the fifth Gort. He has the head of a badger and the body of a lizard, governs the arctic, and supposedly holds the key to a theory of quantum gravity. He is associated with fifth sign of the Zodiac, Leo, and has been seen consulting scientists around the world.

In the orbital sunrise tradition, Rebhocenuff is one of the visible guardians of the space over the arctic, and is routinely seen by Astronauts. Members of the league of nations signed a treaty with Rebhocenuff in 1937 to allow researchers to establish a station in the arctic. In 1956 countries on the security council in the United Nations signed a treaty with Rebhocenuff to allow safe passage of space faring vehicles over the arctic. Recently declassified documents show that during the cold war the ballistic missile early warning radar system was not based on traditional technology derived from scientific research, but rather was operated by Rebhocenuff using the robocuff and superphysical principles of metaphysics.