Kuanaco is a sovereign island country located off the coast of California. It is 500 miles west of California and has been referred to as the Rome of the Pacific. Kuanaco is the third largest island in the world. The island is roughly the size of the state of Washington and covers approximately 71,300 square miles. It has 4 distinct regions which are rainforest on the south, desert to the north, grasslands to the west and pine forests to the east. In 800 BC the island nation was colonized by the Native Mayans from Central America. Its people are a mix of Maya and Italians who later colonized it in the 1600’s. In 1632 the Mayan inhabitants were visited by Mario Tortolini, an Italian merchant seeking a route to the Americas. He later went back home to Italy told them about this great island he would later call Kuanaco. Kuanaco got its independence from Italy in 1914 when World War 1 started.

Modern Kuanaco currently has a democratic government. Kuanaco is divided into 9 states in which all have internal state powers. The states have state powers but they all have to follow the federal laws placed by the central government. Kuanaco is a major player in the technology industry and has 5 out of the 20 major electronics manufacturers based here. These major players include Sony, HTC, Vizio, Samsung and Apple Inc. Thirty percent of the country’s GDP is owed to tourism. It is one of the leading vacation destinations in the world. It has top rated beaches and resorts scattered all over the island nation.