Short, fake and real statement of facts

Richard Long’s Bibliography (1984- ) – Richard Long was born on November 14th 1984 to a wealthy family. His father was a powerful triad crime boss that constantly held power within the Chinese community and was known for his fearlessness. Despite this, Richard’s ambitions laid elsewhere, and he would spent his free hours dreaming of becoming a becoming an educator and to lead a life free of gangs and fighting. Despite these dreams, fighting in school was necessary for survival. Richard’s dreams would be short lived.

When Richard was 15, his parents were murdered before his eyes by a rival gang member. While hiding from his parents killers, he silently vowed that this would be ultimately revenged. This would start what the government would call his violent vigil anti-justice killing spree that would not stop. Of course, none of this could ever be proven and of all the gang members killed, not a signal death could ever be linked to Richard. It is said that Richard Long became one of the top assassins on the face of the planet. His targets were speculated to be limited to other gang members, drug dealers and some of the most violent convicts. To this date, at least 50 assassinations can be linked to him, but none has ever been completely proven. As always, his presence has eluted law enforcement.

To this date, Richard Long still remains at large and is only making small time appearances. Otherwise he remains off the grid.