Rico “Cyclops” Diesel

Rico Diesel (born June 10, 2050), often referred to as Cyclops, is a Vietnamese-American legendary soldier for the United Countries of Earth. Credited for saving the United Countries an astounding five times, he is recognized as the most decorated soldier known to mankind. The nickname “Cyclops” comes from the fact that Rico only has one eye, which is mechanical and implanted after an injury on the battlefield causing him to lose both eyes. 


Rico Diesel was born in California, Neo America, to Maximus and Crystal Diesel. Rico grew up as an All-American with test scores far exceeding the top of his class. As a child his parents enrolled him into mixed martial arts, archery, wrestling, powerlifting and boot camp. All to which has enhanced his abilities on the battlefield.  With brains smart enough to compete on Jeopardy; Rico could have become a doctor, lawyer or even a rocket scientist. But his constant run-ins with people in distress inspired him to become someone who could save lives. In the summer of 2068, Rico enlisted in the Navy Seals.


Six feet five inches tall, lean, strong, smart and fast, Rico was the ultimate Navy Seal. Rico has saved the United Countries five times, fending the countries from such threats such as Neo Korea, Neo Russia, Neo Germany, and the new species from Venus, the Templars. Among his many decorations are his 10 “Medal of Honor” awards, which he collected from his first year in service in 2068 all the way to 2090.  During the “Battle of Fire” in 2025, when the United Countries of Earth were going against the Templars on Venus, Rico lost both his eyes. Engaged in hand to hand combat with two high ranked Templars, one Templar managed to graze Rico’s space helmet causing a crack and some acid gas to pour onto his eyes, burning his retinas in the process. Managing to escape with his life, he received the best doctors possible to tend to his wounds. With one eye socket too damaged to operate on and both eyes damaged beyond repair doctors opted to new, untested procedure. Willing to go through with the surgery, Rico gave the doctors permission to implant a cybernetic eye. The cybernetic eye gave Rico more than 180 degrees viewing angle. On top of that, he was also able to use night vision and infrared sensors. A blessing in disguise, with his cybernetic eye he became the ultimate savior and weapon of the United Countries of Earth.

-Vinh Tran COMM100W