The Rigellian Space Squid (exteriores spatium lolligo) is an extraterrestrial cephalopod that originates from the Rigel star system in the Milky Way galaxy. The squid was first discovered in 1503 by Portuguese astronomer Abraham Zacuto during his travels in the Mediterranean. The space squid is one of three known creatures to have visited the sol star system along with the Velorum Giant Horse Owl (exteriores spatium equum ingentem ibin) and the  Methuselahian Wolf-Bear (exteriores spatium lupus ursi). The squid was last seen in 1914 heading back into outer space towards the Horsehead nebula.


The Rigellian Space Squid is from Rigel star system which consists of 4 stars. It is believed to have originated from the planet Rirk, the 6th planet that orbits Rigel A. The M-Class planet is home to exclusively to the squid and it is unknown if there are more than one kind of its species.

Looks and Behaviour:

Like Terran based squids, the space squid features multiple appendages originating from a spear shaped body. Its size was recorded to be 45 meters in length and 23 meters in width. Its 8 eyes offer the ability to see through all spectrums of light and has been speculated to be able to allow the creature to see through physical objects. Its beak measures 2.4 meters long and has a bite force measured at 600 kilos of force per square centimeter.

The squid was reported to be a sociable animal and contacted humans multiple times during its stay. It was never observed eating or mating leading scientists to believe it has a hyper inactive metabolic system. The space squid has been observed to enjoy chasing and making physical contact with seafaring ships. This behavior has lead to myths and rumors of large sea creatures destroying ships.

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