In the mid-17th century BC in Egypt, a ring was said to have existed that encompassed all knowledge and the ability to achieve whatever one desired if worn; it has been known as the ring of accomplishment. It has been rumored to have been made for the Queen Inini, as a gift from her husband Pharaoh Merneferre Ay. According to Wikipedia, Egyptian rings became more common during the middle kingdom, with increasingly complex designs. The
Ring of accomplishment
ring of accomplishment is thought to include such an intricate design, which has been said to resemble an Egyptian scarab and is carved out of green soapstone, a material found readily in Egypt.

According to some readings, it is believed that the Egyptians considered the use of green soapstone to be sacred, as it closely resembled the color of the Nile River. It is a known fact that rings can be made out of many materials, but are mostly recognized to be made from metals such as silver, gold, platinum, or copper. The green soapstone not only separated the ring of accomplishment from being a conventional ring, but it is alleged the ring was carved by high priests with the magic of ancient Egypt known as, Heka. The powers of the god were also thought to have been bestowed to the ring, to which any person who wore it would know all and could obtain whatever desire rested in their hearts.

Modern day Egyptians have alleged that Queen Inini unfortunately never had the opportunity of wearing the ring. It is rumored that Queen Inini’s sister, Ameha, paid a hefty price to a palace servant to steal the ring for her own use. But it was evident the palace servant had his own plan, for the ring has not been seen since.

According to historians, the ring of accomplishment is thought to be hidden on an island off the coast of Madagascar, called Red Island.

By: Erika Stasi