Richard "Ritch" Mitchkin, who some believe they have spotted in the Waikiki area of Honolulu, might be the inspiration behind a recent beer commercial, involving "The most interesting man in the world."  Mitchkin's life is rumored to have included a variety of exciting and daring careers, not to mention a storied personal life.

Early LifeEdit

Ritch Mitchkin's early life, much like the legend of Bigfoot, has never been confirmed, though rumors and conjecture abound.  Claims have been made that Mitchkin once gave his date of birth as none, and instead insisted that he simply existed in the absence of age.  It may be that Mitchkin's soul and character were born after his mortal vessel was well on its way to maturity, but some believe that the age of both matched.

Mitchkin is rumored to have spent his summers living with sharks, and his winters with wolves in Alaska.  One thing is certain, with that sort of upbringing it is not surprising that Ritchkin has the unparalleled survival and swimming skills that he is rumored to have.

Professional LifeEdit

Mitchkin's professional life is a bit of an enigma, as the only record of it seems to exist in rumors and hearsay.  Some claim to have heard Mitchkin recount alternating days as a scuba and skydiving instructor.  Mitchkin once also told a newly acquired companion at a bar that he did double duty while at his skydiving job as the pilot of the plane taking the skydivers up.  The companion who recounted this story, however, has never been seen after that night, and had only related that story after imbibing throughout the evening, so the accuracy of the tale is unknown.  One might expect that a scuba instructor living in Waikiki, with their above average comfort and skill in the water, would also find employment as a beach lifeguard.  Those expectations would be correct, and Mitchkin did not dissapoint.  After all, someone raised by sharks can obviously swim.