Roger Jordan (20 September 1910- 1 January 2010), formally Jordan Rodgers, was a Soviet Spy, Marksman, and Dancer. Roger Jordan was born in Harambe, Zimbabwe, to Clement Rodgers and Irkle Rodgers. Roger Jordan, and his family, moved from Harambe to Moscow, Russia, in 1915. Clement Rodgers died of illness in March 2nd, 1918, while Irkle Rodgers died due to a heroin overdose on September 20th, 1919. Jordan was then adopted by Vladimir Lenin, and had his name changed to Roger Jordan. Jordan was then trained in dancing and marksmanship by Vladimir Lenin. Jordan spent five hours a day learning ballet, which he described in his diary as, “the most wonderful time in his miserable life.” (Jordan, 12) In 1925, Jordan travelled to the United States, as a spy, for the Russian Government. The Russian Government sent him to Washington D.C. to live with Secretary of State Frank B. Kellogg. He returned to Moscow in 1939. Roger participated in the Soviet Union’s defense against Germany’s invasion of Russia, which led to the capture of Jordan by Germans in 1941. Reports indicate that Jordan distracted his captors with a ballet routine and was able to escape. After his escape from the Germans, Jordan retired from the military. Jordan wrote in his diary, “I have found that dance is my true passion. When I danced for those beautiful soldiers, I truly felt alive.” (Jordan 115) Jordan left Russia in 1960; he moved back to Harambe, Zimbabwe, where he stayed in retirement until his death. Jordan died of electrocution, in his home, on January 1st, 2010, after sticking a fork in an electrical outlet.