Rolenville (roe-len-vil), population of only 800, is a city located 5 miles south of Pebble Beach in Central California, inc. 2012. It is a small city that makes most of their revenue from strip clubs, coffee shops and pizza shops. Out of 80 buildings in the entire city, 30 of them are strip clubs. Rolenville attracts a lot of tourist from Dubai because there are a select strip clubs that are invite only and provide some of the best dancers from around the world. Although it is a relatively safe city, most of the crime comes from illegal prostitution at massage parlors. There has also been multiple counts of human trafficking from illegal immigrants from Mexico. The coffee shops in Rolenville are not like your ordinary coffee shop. All the employees at the coffee shops are topless and you have to be at the age of 18+ to enter. These coffee shops attract a lot of college students from the nearby university in the neighboring city of Monterey. Both the strip clubs and coffee shops offer 50% discount for all university students on weekdays after 9pm. Rolenville is also home to some of the best pizzarias in California. Chef Glordon Bliersch, from Italy owns 5 Bliersch Pizzaria’s that caters to events all around Califronia. Bliersch Pizzaria uses premium ingredients that consist of spices imported from Italy and fresh produce from Salinas Valley. Rolenville is an upcoming city that has potential to become a beautiful city that will continue to attract tourist all around the world.
-Rolen Ordona