The Rookipper

The Rookipper are ancient creatures of the heavens. They inhabit the majestic lost ruins amidst the clouds in the sky. Descending from their slumber when dark clouds are looming and deep rolling thunders are crackling. When the sky is blue and clear, the doorway is closed and the Rookippers are nowhere to be found.

Magnificent birds that flock in pairs, they are known to be inseparable lovers. Aerial dives, dips, and dances in the sky seem to calm the air and disperse the darkness of the rumbling clouds.

Rookippers can be found souring across the deep blue when the sea is storming. Their silky feathers shimmer and reflect a beautiful cobalt blue when lightning strikes. A full chest, feathered in a lovely shade of emerald; it could put the Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City to shame. Enormous tails that fan out a trail behind them like ribbons on a kite. Strong wings to hold up their stature and cut through cold air, these arms can hold more air than an army ship’s sail. The birds are rare to see, but are definitely a site to behold.

Living for centuries, these birds are considered good luck. The sight of them will bring good fortune and an end to a storm, a beginning to a calm. Offerings are often sent to sea when it storms. Boats filled with flowers, food, and other gifts are presented to the Rookippers  in hopes that they will make an appearance and put an end the storm.

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