Rooks and Kings

The Rooks and Kings Assassin guild (also known as “The Rooks”) is the name of a loosely organized alliance of assassins and mercenary groups throughout Europe and Asia. Many of the more well-known members as well as the founders such as “The Hatchet” and “Mr. Mole” are former high ranking officials of the Russian Special Forces and Russian intelligence before the end of the USSR.


Believed to be formed shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 the rooks and kings assassin guild started as a collection of former Special Forces and Russian intelligence officials who turned to mercenary work and eventually assassinations. After popularity of the group spread amongst the Eastern European underground other mercenary groups throughout Europe joined the organization. Although the exact size and strength of the organization is unknown it is believed to have sub organizations throughout Europe and into Asia.


The Guild is mostly known for its assassination of Princess Dianna of whales Even though The official version of her death was credited as being an accident but amongst majority of criminal organizations it is widely known that it was an assassin from the rooks and kings guild that was responsible. The assassin posed as a paparazzi photographer in order to get near the princess and was able to discretely blow out the tires on the vehicle while in a tunnel making it look like a car accident. Other high level assassinations include many members of parliament throughout Europe as well as prominent business people in Eastern Europe and Asia.