Rory The Magician

Rory the magician is the most well- known magician in the world. He specializes in acts such as making people disappear, transforming people into unicorns, and mind-boggling illusions. Since most people don’t believe in unicorns, Roy’s acts have constantly been criticized and judged harshly; until people actually saw it live. Rory’s transformation of people to unicorns, along with all of his other acts, have baffled audiences, magicians, and scientists all over the world. The Magic of Magic, a top-selling magic book, describes Rory’s illusions as “an escape from real life! They are unreal and will leave the audience in amazement when they leave!”

Rory was born in Magicia, a small town west of Witchia, Powerland. The population of Magicia is a mere 50 people, who are believed to have “magic powers”. Their “magic powers” are said to have come from a lightening bolt striking their town on a stormy night, which charged all of the people in Magicia with magical powers. Rory was born on December 31st, 1978, and is currently the last person alive from Magicia. He spent his childhood learning the craft of magic and coming up with his own illusions. He had no other interests, skills or friends.

A lot of speculation comes with Rory and his magic, because people don’t believe it is humanly possible to transform a human to a unicorn, then transform them back. His illusions are just as hard to believe as his transformations. He was voted #1 most magical magician 9 years in a row by a unanimous vote amongst voters all around the world. His illusions, such as making it appear that a person had no head, making it appear that the ceiling of the auditorium was melting, and his classic Rope Hanger illusion are amongst his most popular ones. He is a master at his craft, and will continue to amaze and confuse audiences all around the world.

Natalie Noghrey