Island Rosandra

The Island Rosandra is a submerging islandlocated in the center of the equator. This island is submerging at a very quick rate of 10 percent a year. Scientists have estimated the lifespan for Rosandra to be 10 years, bringing this island to an end in 2015.

Due to its small size, Roasandra only welcomes visitors by small ships. There is also a limit of 10 people who can visit the island at a time making it exclusive and expensive. It will cost 10,000 dollars per person to visit this vanishing island.

Rosandra is known for its exotic rose’s that surrounds the island and for its prestige’s beaches. It has been awarded number one in honeymoon destination for the past 10 years and has continued to be the symbol for paradise.

The Jasliz’s is the most admired rose for its size color and texture. This oversize perrywinkle rose combined with yellow spots grow on a single vine. This rose is known to glow at night under the moonlight. Its exotic roses are never to be disturbed from their natural habitat.

Its temperature is at a constant 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Meteorologist has linked this weather condition due to the location of the island. Sarah Trusoki, a Meteorologist, has studied the exotic roses and has found that the only linkage to them is this ideal weather.

Its crystal blue beaches have captivated the attention from everyone around the world. Visitors are welcome to enjoy the ocean while swimming with a rainbow sea urchin and red catfish. This attraction is highly admired.

Nadine Munguia