Rose Quartz Cave in Mount Umunhum 

Mount Umunhum, located in the Bay Area has a Rose Quartz Cave located halfway up the mountain. The long trail of 15 miles contains a hidden side trail to the cave. The cave has been closed off to the public since October 9th, 1979. History accounts reveal the cave holds healing powers becuase of the radience being emitted from the natural formation of rose quartz in the cave. 

Local witnesses who have journeyed the hike have also shared their accounts and expierences in the cave. 

A historical documentation by an Irish immigrant from the 1950s claims the cave had enough power to heal his hurt back. The man claimed to gotten lost trecked the moutain for over two days and stumbled across the cave for shelter. There he was in complete awe at the dazzling bright rose qurtz cryastals encompassing the cave. The immigrant got so excited and felt an aura come over him, so significant was this feeling he described it as all the pain in his body dissipating from his body. He later found his way back to the town and shared about his magical experience with his community.

Rose quartz is a naturally formed rock known to have superpowers of healing and comfort. Other travels have also experienced similar stories to the one of the Irish immigrant from the 1950s. People from all around made their way up the moutain to try and heal their aches and pains; however, to some the cave could absolutely not be found as hard as they tried. Being out in the moutains back then was not for everyone so the ones who could not find the cave simply retreated claiming the cave was not real. 

Today, in a 2017 statment, scientists confirm the cave is indeed real but is being closed off due to the public for expierments and "hazardous testing". 

Chemical formula: SiO2

Marjan Fahri