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Loof jumper 1876

This magical mystery ride is known better know as the “Roulette of Opportunity” it is said to exist in a traveling carnival. You won’t know you’re on it unless you are looking for it.

How to find itEdit

It might look like any ordinary carousal but it is nothing like that. Its power is in the ability to take you back in time and give you a second chance. Unfortunately you get no choice of where it stops, it might stop as early as the moment you got on it or as early as your first memory as a child.

So why do people seek for this magical ride? People who are looking for this ride are in search of changing the past or wanting to change the future. This ride is only reviled to those that deserve and have earned the privilege. If the ride decides you are not worthy it will stop at that one worst moment in your life only to live it again.

The CluesEdit

There are only a few clues to find this Roulette of Opportunity? You will find it in the center of carnival. It is said to be a 68 horse Spillman all of them jumpers. The horse you are looking for is an old worn out Loof jumper from the 1876 Coney Island carousel the only horse to survey the Great Fire of 1903. It is said that this old wooden horse itself is trying to go back in time to join its original harras.

Another clue you are at the right place will be the music. It will be coming from an original Stinson Band Organ; it will be playing so loud that you can feel the bass from its mighty drum move your soul.

So the next time you are at a carnival and see a carousal ask yourself if you like to take a ride that might or not be that ride that takes you to that place you want to be or not?