SF Bay Monster

The San Francisco Bay Monster is reputed to inhabit the 400 to 1,600 square miles of sea water surrounded by the San Francisco Bay Area. It is rumored that the monster is describes as a giant plesiosaur-like creature that dates back from the prehistoric times. Although there has not been proof of this creature living in the bay, speculations has it that if you go around the bay when a blue moon is out, you will see a large silhouette of the creature. It has been reported that the first sighting happened on a overcast night on May 22, 1931. Two brothers, John and James Loch went boating on a calm spring night, when all of a sudden came what they thought was a large sea lion. As the creature came closer, the head and neck arosed out of the water reaching 10 feet high. They were astonished and disbelief of what they saw and frantically paddled out to safety. Ever since then there has been many reported sightings and even a few photographs of the monster. If you ever lurk the waters of the San Francisco Bay, be sure to bring your camera, because you never know when you're going to see something strange and unusual.

-Jef Benigno