A plant found in the Amazon jungle that has special properties. This plant was discovered three years ago by anthropologist exploring any activities by tribes at the south-end of the Amazon jungle.  It was retrieved because of its extraordinary colors and odor emitting from the plant

The plant measured up to three feet with roots measuring up to five feet underground. Once the retrieval process was complete, the plant was flown into the USA, so that the USDA (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Department) can study it and determine if it is safe to analyze. After careful studies it was found that this plant named SHOM has extraordinary properties. Properties: It has been discovered that the petals change into varying tints of colors at different times. The plant’s colors changes every time the viewer moves. The main colors that it changes to are yellow, red, blue, and pink. It can also be different colors for different people, at the same time. The plant also emits an odor that affects a person very strangely. For example if a person comes into the room agitated, or angry, the plant’-s odor changes the mood of the person to be more relaxed and content. If the person comes into the room relaxed or content, the plant’-s odor changes the person’-s mood to be agitated, excited, possibly irritated. These changes in moods happen almost instantaneously, and can last up to twenty – four hours, without any adverse reactions. Uses: The USDA has announced that SHOM is not addictive and that it is safe to use as a mood enhancer, only with people that have negative moods. The USDA has proposed that SHOM be used for people that have anger issues, or possibly with more studies, with people in prison. Minerva Torres Section heading

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