Deep in the heart of San Jose State University lies a deep dark secret. No one knows of it until now. Right behind Morris Dailey Auditorium sits the SJSU abandoned asylum.

The outside of the asylum looks very serene and beautiful. There are beautiful trees as tall as skyscrapers, long luscious grass as green as emeralds, and burgundy red stone bricks as dark as blood. Two stone statues in front of the building prevents curious souls from entering the building, but if you manage to pass the statues, there is no turning back...

Why is the asylum so off putting? It is known that Emily Smith haunts the building. She was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. She was born mute and she also had an odd asphyxiation to anything that emits light. Her ears were always covered with these huge circular objects that project sound, primarily music. Due to her odd habits, she was sent to the "medical building" (now known as the asylum) for "psychological correction". Unfortunately, as a result in her frustration, Emily took her own life in the building. Now, no one dares to enter; and if an individual does manage to get into the asylum, he or she never comes out.

There are other sad and cruel spirits that roam the building. Luckily, there is a holy arch with murals of past gods that protect the rest of San Jose State. The arch prevents evil spirits from spreading around campus.