New coming students at SJSU walking by the Cesar Chavez arch see a big fountain right across from it.  However, the stone fountain is not a fountain at all.  It represents a cup.  This particular cup is used in the annual SJSU Beerfest, which is held after Finals week. The festival was first introduced by a group of students back in 1976, as a way for students to drink, celebrate, and blow off steam after an exhausting semester.  Not only does SJSU Beerfest allow students to socialize and relieve some stress, but also holds a notorious competition which determines what group of students can drink the most.  The competition is called the “Iron Cup”. Two huge Iron cups are filled to the brim with beer, nearly forty gallons of ice cold beer in each cup.  A team of six students face off with another team to see which team holds the title of SJSU Beerfest Champions.  The fastest time a team took to finish this challenge, timed in at 37 hours.  And do not worry, the Iron Cups are built as huge refrigerators so there is no need to worry about warm beer.  But this does not stop the beer from becoming flat, if you do not drink it fast enough.  Overall, nearly 300 students have gotten alcohol poisoning, coupled with 27 deaths.  Despite this dangerous competition, students still show no fear when signing up for the competition.  Additionally, City officials do not want to stop this dangerous festival because it brings in tourists all across California, which pumps money into the local economy.  In the end, only 10 teams have actually completed the challenge, and most of the teams who completed the challenge, (the lucky ones) suffer from alcohol poisoning, or decimated kidneys, while others do not all survive too long after the competition.  Regardless of this dangerous competition, people still want to be the next champions. The last champions crowned was back in 2003, by a team of freshmen who lived next to each other in Washburn.  Today, the tradition continues to this day and has grown exponentially in popularity, with every year teams trying to become the next SJSU Beerfest champions.