The SJSU Bell has been around since 1879 and was founded/created by two brothers named John Bellinger and Sam Bellinger. They lived in San Jose and worked at a printing press company that informed the town of all the latest news. The brothers found it a problem that the people of San Jose had to wait a month for the news to be delivered to them. The brothers wanted to give the news to the people as soon as something happened. The two brothers went to the busiest spot in San Jose (where the bell now sits) and they would shout news but nobody would listen to them. They came up with the idea of building a bell that would grab the attention of the people and they would finally be able to give the news. After finishing the making of the bell the two men put it in the same spot where they would stand before and they rung the bell, grabbing the attention of the whole town. The two men gave all the news they had to the people and would do this almost daily. After both brothers passed away, the town decided to keep the bell in the same place permanently. Today, the work of those two brothers have brought us what we know as the “news update” on local news channels. This bell is rung twice every year to commemorate the two brothers who brought us the invention of the news updates.

Matt Flores