SJSU Historic Bell Edit

The Historic Bell was the original and only physical bell used in Tower Hall at San Jose State University. It was put in when the school was first created. The bell is comprised of marble, granite and copper. It was first a copper/golden color, but due to oxidation, it has turned into a shade of dark green.

Bell Replaced by Recording

In 2012, the bell was taken out of Tower Hall due to noise complaints from residents living close to the SJSU campus. SJSU's campus has grown since being established, and as a result, the had to be struck much harder for faculty and students to hear it. Unfortunately it became too noisy and irritable that the school finally took it down to appease its neighbors.

To keep the traditional school vibe, the school put speakers inside the original bell location and around campus, and at the start of every hour, the speakers play a recording of the original bell.

The Bell Today

Because of its historic value, the school has made a memorial using the bell and placed it between Tower Hall and Clark Hall on the campus. The center piece has been laminated to keep it from falling off, but now it doesn't move, completely decommissioning the bell from any future use.

On the University’s birthday of July 29, the school holds a banquet for students and faculty at the bell memorial and chimes the original recording of the bell five times at 12:00pm in honor of both the bell and the founding of SJSU as a university.

-Kris Aguilar COMM 100W